December 22, 2023

A few days ago, Logan Paul spent another $3.5 million on sealed Pokemon cards. In February, he spent $2 million on first edition Base Set booster boxes which he auctioned and opened on stream. It was all a scam – he earned more in selling NFTs of himself than his initial outlay, and by my reckoning earned a healthy $10 million from the stream. But it was a signifier of something bigger – Pokemon cards are valuable now.

Rare Pokemon cards sell for extortionate amounts of money nowadays. They have to be rare and in good condition to reach the eye-watering figures the likes of Paul bandy about, but cards that are graded ‘gem mint’ by external companies can be worth as much as half a million dollars. The more people that open these sealed boxes, the more rare the cards get, and prices will only increase as we move forward.


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However, this has had a knock-on effect on modern Pokemon cards. While perfect cards from the latest sets aren’t worth a fraction of a first edition Charizard, many people believe that they will be if they keep them sealed for 20 years. But that’s not the case.

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Scalpers have ruined modern Pokemon card collecting, both online and in-person. People will queue up at shops to fill their trolleys with thousands of dollars worth of cards, leaving none for the genuine collectors or players who want to build competitive…

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