August 13, 2022

Hyderabad police commissioner C V Anand

Responding to queries from TOI readers, Hyderabad police commissioner, C V Anand, says that his team is going all guns blazing to crackdown on the loan app scam, drug peddling and underage driving in the city.
I lost Rs 2 lakh in the last three months because of a loan app. They blackmailed me, shamed me in front of my friends/contacts, created fake pictures and harassed me from different IDs, despite me making the full payment. Please do something to ensure these loan apps do not torture people like me. — Dinesh Kumar
As many as 28 cases pertaining to loan app harassment were registered at cyber crime police station in 2020 and with the raiding and closing of call centres and arrest of criminals, the harassment was completely stopped. There were about 295 loan apps at that time. Raids were conducted in December 2020 and January 2021 in Hyderabad, New Delhi and Bengaluru and during the investigation, 23 criminals were arrested. It was clearly established that Chinese are the main organisers of these frauds -involved in threatening and harassing victims. Notices were sent to Google for deletion of these apps from Google Play store, and many were successfully removed. Again, in the last two months, these loan app managements have started calling and sending WhatsApp messages to victims and other new loan apps have surfaced. As many as 194 such apps have been identifi ed and a notice served to Google for their deletion. The bank…

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