May 26, 2022

Anna Sorokin, a.k.a. Anna Delvey.
Photo: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

Despite being behind bars, Anna Sorokin — better known as Anna Delvey, the fake German heiress who conned Manhattan’s banks and party people — has found a way to post through it. With the recent release of Inventing Anna, a Netflix adaptation of the New York story detailing the scam, reigniting past drama, Sorokin hopped on Instagram to call out one of her former friends: Rachel DeLoache Williams, whom Sorokin allegedly cornered into paying for a 2017 vacation that cost more than Williams’s annual salary.

Williams says she did not participate in Inventing Anna’s creation and, since its premiere earlier this month, has given numerous interviews refuting the accuracy of her portrayal and warning against the rehabilitation of Sorokin’s reputation (as she sees it, anyway) and bank account. In her Instagram Stories, Sorokin fired back. Despite Williams’s complaints about Sorokin profiting off her crimes, Sorokin wrote, Williams “conveniently forgets to mention” that she once tried to get Sorokin to co-write a book with her. “And the best part is — this time around, I’ve got all the receipts,” Sorokin noted, though she did not post them. The Cut has contacted Williams for comment and will update if we hear…

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