May 26, 2022

Tyler Perry’s movies in the Madea cinematic universe are available to rent, buy, or stream on differing services. After a three-year-long hiatus, A Madea Homecoming, the twelfth movie in Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise, was released on Netflix in February 2022. Many fans are wondering if this will be the last in the franchise, as the previous film, A Madea Family Funeral (2019), was initially made to be a send-off for the iconic “Madea” Mabel Simons. Perry brought the adored character back once again, and it hasn’t been confirmed or denied if this is the last film.

Mabel Simons, or Madea, is based on a combination of Tyler Perry’s mother and aunt, more officially a “PG” version (via NPR). Madea’s first appearance was at 68 years old in the 1999 play I Can Do Bad All By Myself and has been part of the Madea cinematic universe ever since. Madea’s character, portrayed by Perry himself, later appeared in numerous plays, films, a book, and even a television series for the past 25+ years.


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The Madea franchise is hilarious and has more profound messages about family, love, and loss. Tyler Perry has done a fantastic job playing homage to his mother and aunt as Madea over all these years. The lengthy franchise consists of twelve films; this is where to watch every Madea movie online.

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