May 26, 2022

A new Royal Mail scam could see you seriously out of pocket as fraudsters turn to using online chat boxes to get your details.

According to consumer campaigners Which? there is a new twist on the delivery scam which sees fraudsters creating fake chatbots that sign victims up for expensive monthly subscriptions.

Which? says scammers have been sending phishing emails inviting you to ‘start a chat’ to trace a delivery.

The fake Royal Mail chatbot lists a delivery tracking number and shares an image of a parcel explaining that the ‘label was damaged’ to convince you to reschedule the delivery. Clicking the link takes you to a different website, asking for your name, address, and payment details.

The small print reveals that adding these details enters you into a ‘Skill Game’ and purchases a three-day trial to costing £2 then £59 every 30 days. Which? says the form has also switched to promoting a different website – called – costing £62 every 30 days. told Which? that the Royal Mail scam is an unscrupulous activity conducted by an ‘affiliate’ – a company that joined its marketing program and gets paid per sale generated for

A spokesman told Which?: “We do not condone or approve the abusive behaviour by the affiliate in question. It is a gross violation of our affiliate terms and conditions and marketing code of conduct. We have marketing compliance procedures in place to ensure that such violations…

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