September 27, 2022

I’ll probably never know the true identify of the person who has been phoning me, using an arsenal of hard-sell tactics to try to get hold of my savings.

The name he used was Joe Dennis, which I assume to be a pseudonym.

The business he works for is called Eco Investors Limited, and according to Companies House records there is one director, Anthony Irons.

This could also be made up because, incredibly, Companies House does not verify the identity of directors.

Mr Dennis, who presumably did not know that I’m a journalist, has been urging me to buy bonds in building company Nalu Homes that offer 12% returns, with a minimum investment of £5,000.

He stated in his opening phone call: “We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority very closely.”

This is an outright lie, the company is not regulated.

Bonds paying as much as 12% will be unregulated and high risk, but Mr Dennis conveyed the opposite impression.

“For the majority of our portfolio we tend to cater to the more risk-averse, retirees, those that have a lump sum to invest to generate monthly or annual income,” he said.

He stressed that Nalu Homes was a successful company, valued at £8.4million according to its latest accounts. He did not reveal that the accounts also show it made a £546,000 loss, something that potential investors ought to be told if they are to make an informed decision.

An equally important omission was his failure to advise me to seek independent financial advice before putting…

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