March 23, 2024

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is warning homeowners about so-called “storm chaser” scams after a tornado touched down and left behind damage near Villa Rica on Friday.

The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that “the aftermath of a crisis also brings out contractors taking advantage of those who have already been victimized.”

Citing the Better Business Bureau, the sheriff’s office warned residents of out-of-town contractors coming into the area looking to get their business on home repairs.

Even if the contractors aren’t looking to scam you, the sheriff’s office said, “they may lack the proper licensing for your area, offer quick fixes, or make big promises they can’t deliver.”

The post also noted that local contractors can also unwittingly get roped into scams as by “storm chasers who offer to pay local construction companies substantial amounts of money to use the business’ established name, reputation and phone.”

“They masquerade as a local business, collect the insurance money and then move on, leaving the real business to deal with unsatisfied customers due to bad workmanship, unfinished work, or unfulfilled warranties,” the post said.

The sheriffs office provided four tips to homeowners:

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