April 1, 2024

An urgent warning has been issued over a scam that’s putting millions of last minute Christmas shoppers at risk. Here’s everything you need to be aware of to avoid losing your money

Last minute Xmas shoppers are being warned over scam text messages that could cost them a lot of money

Doing your Christmas shopping online has become more common over the past years.

This year with surging coronavirus cases dampening shopping efforts, it’s very likely that more people have ordered their Christmas gifts online.

As many households across the country await the delivery of a huge number of parcels over the coming days, a new scam is targeting these eager shoppers.

UK Finance, a trade association representing banks and other financial firms, has warned last minute Christmas shoppers about an increasingly common scam, involving bogus texts claiming to be from parcel delivery firms.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is the ‘smishing’ scam targeting shoppers?

Scammers are texting shoppers that their delivery has been cancelled asking for payments to rearrange delivery


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Smishing is a form of phishing which uses mobile phones to attack unsuspecting individuals. Smishing is done through text messages or SMS which intends to gather someone’s personal information like social insurance and/or credit card numbers.

One of the most popular smishing scams in recent years, involves fake…

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