May 26, 2022

Here’s how to protect yourself from cybercriminals and scam artists when donating to Ukrainians in need.

While many of us are looking for ways to help the people of Ukraine, unfortunately scammers are in a prime position to take advantage of the fast-moving situation.

Cyber security firms Avast Plc and ESET warn they’ve seen a number of fake donation posts appear on social media sites including TikTok and Twitter. In some cases, scammers are pretending to be Ukrainians in urgent need of assistance.

Many of these scam accounts are requesting funds in the form of cryptocurrency. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

Picture not described

Source: Avast

Slovakian firm ESET has also warned people away from posts asking people to support the cause by purchasing “Ukraine Coins”.

How to avoid getting scammed

While some Ukrainians may legitimately be reaching out for support on social forums, unfortunately it’s very difficult to determine what’s real and what’s not.

Instead of sending money to individuals, Avast advises donating through a trusted and officially recognised charity organisation.

Australia’s government Scamwatch agency has also…

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