March 29, 2024

Tracy Morgan, Rosie Perez and Felicia “Snoop” Pearson will narrate the final three episodes of “Black Market” following the death of Michael K. Williams, Vice TV said on Thursday. Pearson and Williams co-starred together on “The Wire.”

Williams died in mid September, when “Black Market” Season 2 was in active production. The “Boardwalk Empire” alum was able to finish all filming, but only half of the V.O. work.

In addition to revealing its list of pinch-hitters doing voiceover, Vice also shared a new clip from an upcoming Season 2 episode.

Watch the preview clip via the video above.

Here’s Vice’s description of the episode: Williams has an underground rendezvous in Miami with a big time crew of scammers who are cashing out on a lucrative unemployment fraud scam. In this contentious meeting, the anonymous head of the operation slams a stack of fraudulent credit cards on the table alongside his live firearms in an attempt to show how much more impressive their hauls are than any local drug dealer.

Throughout the episode, Williams meets with numerous individuals with ties to the game to learn what the latest scam is and why people enter this lifestyle, the logline continues. Some of the main culprits are the young street-genius-entrepreneurs who evolved from selling drugs into stealing identities and printing credit cards to fund a wild, cash-rich lifestyle.

“Black Market” explores the complex underworld of illicit trades and unravels how these criminal…

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