August 13, 2022

Police are appealing for people to come forward after an investigation linked a Toronto man to the alleged theft of around $30,000 from five victims.

Toronto police said they “fully expect” there to be more victims.

A man targeted victims using online dating platforms like Grindr and social media chat group, police alleged.

The man would meet his victims in person and eventually make his way to their homes, police said. Police said he would ask to borrow their phones and then send himself electric money transfers.

Investigators also said the man allegedly used his victim’s credit cards to make purchases.

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Toronto man charged after thousands stolen from victims on dates

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“The man would ask to use the victims’ cellular device to make an alleged phone call, but would use the opportunity to send electronic money transfers from the victims’ phones to himself,” police said at the beginning of March.

Police alleged stolen information was used to make “multiple retail purchases at several different locations” and “a lot” of transactions via Uber.

The alleged thefts took place between Nov. 19, 2021 and Feb. 23, 2022. At a press conference, Toronto police Detective Jason Contant said he believed there were more victims and that the thefts began “way before” November, 2021.

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