May 26, 2022

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – It’s tax time and you’re starting to get all kinds of forms and letters. Now is a good time to look at them closely because some may reveal a real problem.

There’s a chance some of those documents show that scammers have a hold of your information and now’s the time to try and put a stop to it.

Here’s what one Toledo woman found. The paperwork starts with a header saying Department of Treasury. It goes on to describe a request for tax information. The IRS then goes on to say it can’t provide the items you requested. Items a 13abc viewer never requested.

“Little annoyed since I’ve gone through this before. It’s like ‘now what.’ Give me a break. How come they’re sending it to me?” said the 13abc viewer who asked not to reveal her identity.

Speaking of which her name and address are correct on one section but inside this request was someone else’s name. A name she doesn’t know which might be why the request for the documents or transcripts was denied.

“Not again because of the unemployment papers I was getting in someone else’s name which I just got another one,” the woman said.

Already crooks have used her address to apply for unemployment in the last two years so somehow she’s become a target for scammers. What exactly this crook is doing isn’t clear and maybe the IRS has flagged it to this point where this instance is done. But crooks are always trying to stay ahead of the good guys.

Preventing something like this is…

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