March 29, 2024

Tuesday is National Free Shipping Day, meaning you can shop til’ you drop by getting everything online.

Many may be tempted to use the holiday to take advantage of all those last-minute Christmas gifts, but cybercrime experts say you should pay attention because hackers are getting creative, finding new ways to steal from your wallets.

The Oklahoma FBI says Oklahomans lost more than $26 million to online scams in 2020.

The FBI says you do not have to be a victim and there are ways to protect yourself and your wallet by following these steps:

  1. Practice good cybersecurity hygiene
  2.  Think before you click and don’t click any suspicious links.
  3. Know whom you’re buying from
  4.  Don’t interact with unauthorized users. 
  5. Be careful how you pay
  6. Never send money directly to a seller — use transfers like PayPal to protect yourself when shopping online.
  7. Monitor Shipping Process
  8. Make sure to check your tracking address so you know when and where your product is coming.

The Oklahoma FBI says if you have been scammed call your credit card company or your bank and dispute any suspicious charges.

Also, do not forget to report the scam to the FBI immediately.

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