March 23, 2024

12/20/2021 at 05:00 CET

Luis Rendueles

A flag of Spain and another from the European Union. The seal of the Government of Spain, Ministry of Labor, as a collaborating body. And the heading: “European Health Card Application”. Despite appearances, it is the latest computer scam detected by the police. His lure is to get “immediately without trips or waiting“The Health Card that guarantees medical care in the European Union.

The dupe who enters the web and believes it is authentic must pay 21.95 euros, in addition to providing all your personal data, including the Social Security number and credit card number. You are also offered the option of including your children or dependents as beneficiaries, in which case you must also provide all the personal data of your family members. Once the information is sent and paid, nothing is received.

Image of the website detected by the police. |

To give confidence to the future unsuspecting, the website uses the image of the government of Spain, together with that of a famous travel agency and that of two well-known accommodation search pages that it describes as “collaborating agencies”. The page also includes a “SSL encryption protected. Secure payment guaranteed” stamp next to the stamps and Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Paypal icons.

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In that line, also, that web that has already been detected by the police and it was still in operation last week,…

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