March 27, 2024

Jonathan Yemelian Sifuentes, director of an alleged ponzi scheme that offers versions with bitcoin in Mexico, was arrested this week in the company of about nine bodyguards, with long weapons and hundreds of thousands of Mexican pesos in cash.

Yemelian, leader of the alleged ponzi named Xifra, and his escorts, were taken by the authorities for alleged threats against police officers. However, according to local media, the defendants were released due to the lack of evidence to keep them under arrest.

Yemelian and nine of his bodyguards were arrested after two other men allegedly related to the businessman, reports the local outlet Milenio. The accusation against all those involved covered not only the alleged threats, but an alleged bribery attempt. Both facts could not be verified, for which a judge from the Criminal Justice Center dismissed the process against the detainees.

It is unknown if the money comes from the alleged ponzi’s operations with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. What local sources do allege is that during the process the authorities received Yemelian’s file, which includes an investigation currently open in the Arizona Corporation Commission, in the United States, for alleged fraud as part of a cryptocurrency pyramid scam.

The company was founded in 2015 by George Goodman, who is presented on the portal as a builder from Texas (USA) who entered the “cannabis industry and blockchain technology” that same year.

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