May 26, 2022

One of the aspects of sports fandom that makes it great is its irrationality. Sports wouldn’t be near as fun and entertaining if we viewed it from a logical and rational viewpoint all the time, but some moments leave me scratching my head.

One of them took place last night. The USMNT beat Honduras 3-0 in a World Cup qualifier match in frigid temperatures. Seriously, the temperature at kickoff was 2 degrees, and there was a wind chill of -12. While it’s #FootballWeather, soccer isn’t the kind of football for that #FootballWeather. The USMNT cruised to an easy victory, but coach Gregg Berhalter was seen on television posing for a selfie with fans during the match. The match was in hand, and the officials were conducting a VAR review, so it’s not like he did it during play. But people were still mad about it.

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