December 22, 2023

I spoke with Detective Matt Cunningham the other day and he asked me to pass along some information concerning current reports to the Police Department.

Crime prevention has always been an important function of law enforcement, which is never more necessary than today. Rarely a day goes by when residents are not exposed to some type of scam, so consumer education is the key.

Fortunately, numerous agencies and consumer protection advocates work hard to publicize what is happening. As a result, more and more residents have learned to recognize the warning signs and avoid being victimized. Unfortunately, these scammers are still in business and bringing them to justice is frustrating.

Recently, several residents reported being contacted by phone and offered extended warranties. Surprisingly, the caller was not even sure what purchase was eligible; an automobile, washing machine, heating system or something else were considerations.

Of course, the salesperson was more than happy to discuss some options after learning more about the caller. This is why it’s OK, not impolite, to just hang up.

Avoid having a conversation as the caller is likely pretty good at “phishing” for your information. The longer you talk, the more likely you’ll take the bait and say the wrong thing.

When it comes to extended warranties, most of us fall easily…

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