March 24, 2024

Calls for caution and vigilance when booking jabs or tests

Author: Mike DraperPublished 37 minutes ago
Last updated 32 minutes ago

Sussex Police are reminding you to be vigilant when booking an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination or test after scammers targeted two vulnerable people in the county.

The first incident happened on Tuesday (14 December) where the victim received a text message from what appeared to be the NHS. It said she was now eligible for her Covid booster with a link. She filled out the form which included all her personal details such as her address and her banking details, where the form stated there was a £1.99 fee for the booster hence the need for banking details.

Once the victim submitted the form she received a call from an 0800 number claiming to be her bank and told her there had been some fraudulent use on her bank account and she needed to move money to a new account which they had created for her. The man became aggressive, and used abusive language and made threats towards the victim.

After hanging up the victim called the police who attended to offer safeguarding and support under Operation Signature.

A second case involved a 91-year-old man from Pulborough, who received an email from what he thought to be a valid NHS email which said he needed to pay £2.40 delivery fee for a PCR test. He followed that link and entered his credit card details.

Later he questioned the legitimacy of the email and managed to block outgoing payments from his…

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