August 17, 2022

Would you like to have extra protection against theft in your house? Most people would, and a new device called Sunommat can do it for you. This powerful solar LED light can scare away intruders and keep your house safe during even the darkest nights.

What Is Sunommat?

according to the official website Sunommat is a lighting system that was carefully devised to protect your house. Essentially, it uses a solar LED light with a motion sensor to detect anyone within a certain area of around 3 meters. If it detects movement, it will light up very strong lights in front of it.

Because of the material that was used in its construction, this is a very resistant piece of technology. It’s 100% waterproof and can last even after enduring snow or very hot days. So, you can expect to purchase it and still have it after a few years.

Main Features

  • Can get powered up by solar energy and last from 8 to 10 hours.
  • Uses a motion sensor that detects around 3 meters in 120º.
  • Has three different lighting modes: constant dim light, long, and strong light mode.
  • Protection against bumps and falls.
  • Very quick to install because you only need to screw it to the wall.
  • It’s IP65-certified.
  • It has waterproof protection.
  • Size: 35x98x50mm/5,3×3,85 x inches.

How It Works

This device is very easy to use. After you install it, which you can do by just screwing it to your wall, you can use the button to change between light modes, making it perfect for people who are not very…

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