March 29, 2024

The Social Security System (SSS) Building on East Avenue, Quezon City. INQUIRER file photo / RAFFY LERMA

The state-run pension fund Social Security System (SSS) on Thursday told its members, pensioners, as well as employers to never deal with “fixers” and compromise their personal information.

In a statement, the SSS said there had been “increasing reports” of fraud and scams victimizing its stakeholders, although it did not say how many.

“We are deeply concerned with the increasing number of fraud victims who are mostly our members. That’s why we constantly remind them not to patronize these individuals,” SSS president and chief executive Aurora Cruz Ignacio said.

“Never share your social security number, My.SSS login credentials and other personal information with individuals who claim to be SSS employees because these will be compromised and used in illegal activities,” Ignacio added.

Ignacio explained that scammers’ modus operandi involved Facebook groups where they offer to assist in transacting with the agency for a fee.

“The SSS offers free services and doesn’t charge its members except for unified multipurpose ID card replacement. These groups are considered illegal and unauthorized as they could be data mining accounts used to extract an individual’s personal information,” Ignacio said.

Ongoing operation

The SSS was already working to take down social media accounts and posts of scammers who had claimed they could assist in SSS…

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