March 29, 2024

*#SnoopDogg isn’t here for a #Christmas classic created in his likeliness.⁠

This holiday season, there has been a frenzy on the internet over a Snoop version of the wholesome Elf on the Shelf doll, which has been named Snoop on the Stoop, the New York Post reported.⁠

Usually, the popular toy which is inspired by the eponymous 2005 children’s book looks like a cherubic, which is a white elf who is Santa’s best friend in the story. The rapper-inspired version features the 50-year-old smoking a blunt while wearing sunglasses and an elf outfit.⁠

Now online retailers are selling different dressed takes on the elf. But the problem is, none of the concepts were authorized by Snoop, who also went on Twitter to say he does not endorse the novelty item.⁠

“I have no connection to the SNOOP ON A STOOP product and will be taking legal action against those making it and whoever is selling it,” Snoop Dogg tweeted.

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Wait! There’s more via NY Post

The New Jersey-based 3D printing company that sold out of Snoop on the Stoop dolls confirmed to The Post that he was contacted by Snoop Dogg’s lawyers.

“I was contacted by Snoop’s lawyers and immediately removed all Snoop references from my website within a day,” MuckyChris’ Chris Milnes told The Post.

However, Milnes is claiming that others are reportedly…

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