March 29, 2024

Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina and Pemberton Township Police Chief David King have announced that six members of a Sunbury Village-based street gang have been charged with operating a criminal enterprise that is accused of carrying out multiple shootings – including two homicides – along with committing burglary, intimidating witnesses, possessing numerous firearms and fraudulently obtaining more than $125,000 in pandemic relief funds from the federal government.
Eight others have been charged for their role in helping the organization, known as the Gotti Boy Movement (GBM), perpetrate the COVID-related financial scam.

Those accused of running GBM were charged with Racketeering, a first-degree crime that alleges they conspired to commit violent crimes to further their criminal enterprise. They are:

• Tayron Brown, 25, of Heather Street in Pemberton Township

• Kavon Carter, 24, of Rancocas Road in Mount Holly

• Brandon Clifton, 23, of White Pine Court in Pemberton Township

• Javon Forman, 21, of Delap Court in Pemberton Township

• Kyree Weathers, 24, of Lawrence Drive in Pemberton Township

• Sylas Young, 19, of Cornell Avenue in Pemberton Township

The criminal actions identified in support of the racketeering charge began in September 2014, when shots were fired at a Pemberton Township police officer who was sitting in a cruiser in Sunbury Village. Brown and Carter are alleged to have participated in the shooting.

Clifton is waiting to be tried…

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