May 26, 2022

A man who stole $23,000 in a Sim card scam has failed to have his conviction overturned and risks being deported to India in August.

Jaswinder Jass Singh was convicted in July of dishonestly using a document after taking part in a “Sim-swapping scheme” which accessed bank accounts of unsuspecting victims.

Singh admitted his part in the scheme and was convicted and sentenced to 12 months supervision and ordered to pay $23,000 back to his victims.

The Court of Appeal has now dismissed his appeal to be discharged without conviction, meaning he may be deported back to India.

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Stuff previously reported how Singh had been granted an eight-month extension on his work visa in order to repay some of his debts to his employer and relatives, as well as credit card debt.

Singh was 28 at the time and money was transferred into accounts operated by “primary mules”.

Jaswinder Jass Singh failed to have his conviction overturned. (File photo)


Jaswinder Jass Singh failed to have his conviction overturned. (File photo)

Singh, one of the “secondary mules” would then withdraw cash from those accounts in smaller amounts.

He made or attempted to make about 20 transactions in total during December 2019 and February 2020, but would pass on the money he made.

He was suspicious of the “primary mules” but did not know them and was…

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