August 13, 2022

Second-hand shopping used to mean scouring local thrift stores in person. But online options have made finding vintage clothes and accessories easier than ever.

However, the BBB Scam Tracker has gotten reports from shoppers who thought they bought legitimate vintage goods, only to receive knockoffs or nothing at all.

How the scam works: You find a one-of-a-kind vintage item online that is in great shape and selling for a reasonable price. Often, this kind of scam originates with an ad on social media. You visit the website and everything looks normal, so you make the purchase.

In a best-case scenario, your package arrives, but the item isn’t anything like what you’ve ordered. It may be a completely different or it might be a knockoff instead of the real-deal vintage product you were promised.

In a worst-case scenario, your package never arrives and any attempts you make to contact the company go unanswered.

One consumer told the Better Business Bureau that she bought what she thought was a vintage Chanel necklace. But what she received was totally different and made my whole neck and chest green when worn. When she contacted support, she received an “unprofessional email stating the owner has never had a problem before, so there’s nothing they could do.”

How to avoid vintage scams:

Avoid impulse buying, especially on social media….

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