March 28, 2024

VERMILION PARISH — Deputies says sex offenders are the latest target in a recent phone scam going on in the area.

In recent days, Vermilion’s Sheriffs office says scammers have been posing as deputies. They are doing so in order to get cash from registered sex offenders.

Detectives say the perpetrates search the online database for offenders, then call and threaten them with jail time. After they convince the victims, they would make them pay with gift cards and through bitcoin to avoid going to prison.

Eddie Langlinais says if you receive a call like this, be sure to have the caller identify themselves as a member of law enforcement.

“Get the person’s name that’s calling you, get their rank and then call the sheriff office. Google the sheriff’s office number, call them and ask if that person works there and if it’s legitimate.”

He also says to never give your personal information over the phone or online.

“They’re using technology to scam people and people need to be aware. If something doesn’t seem right its probably not right.”

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