March 24, 2024

Qatar has established a cyber security department to protect local customers amid increasing cyber crimes.

Qatari citizens and residents are reportedly facing electronic fraud by a fake ‘Qatar Post’ email requesting personal information, resulting in bank account breaches. 

Recently, a Qatari woman had a large sum of money stolen from her bank account after she had clicked on a link in an email bearing the Qatar Post logo.

Noura Al-Marri was duped by the logo which made her assume it was an official email, she then proceeded to share her personal information. The email requested delivery fees for a shipment of ‘an item purchased online’, shortly after she received a phone call from the number of a popular shipping company, she told Al Sharq newspaper. 

Like many people, Al-Marri’s online shopping activity has increased in recent months, so she was already waiting for a shipment when she received the email. She says that she was unsuspecting because she had received similar messages before asking for payment with no issue.

“The content of the message I received from the fraudster via the shipping company’s number was a fake request in the name of ‘Qatar Post’ to pay about 14 riyals to receive the shipment I ordered from abroad and was waiting for. When I opened the link, a page bearing the Qatar Post logo and details of the payment process appeared, which made me not suspect that it was a fake page,” she said. 

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