April 3, 2024

While many Kentuckians have opened their hearts and stepped up to donate funds, necessities and services to those devastated by the deadly tornadoes and related storms last weekend, there is an increased potential of out-of-town storm chasers looking to take advantage of victims as they begin the long process of cleaning up and rebuilding.

The Better Business Bureau warns Kentucky residents affected by the storms to beware of these scammers. Scam artists come out of the woodwork during a victim’s most vulnerable times.

BBB offers the following tips for tornado and storm victims:

Know your rights and responsibilities as protected by the state Attorney General. Kentucky residents can contact the Kentucky Attorney General’s office at ag.ky.gov or call 502-696-5300.

Businesses must be licensed. Contact the Revenue Commission at 502-574-4860 to check out a company’s licensure.

Many municipalities require a solicitation permit if salespeople go door-to-door. Verify that they need to have a permit by contacting your local municipality or call permits and licensing at 502-574-3321

While most roofing contractors abide by the law, be careful allowing someone you do not know to inspect your roof. An unethical contractor may actually create damage to get work.

Try to get at least three or four quotes from contractors and insist that…

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