March 22, 2024

ATLANTA (CBS46) — For the third week in a row, an unknown caller keeps appearing on Better Call Harry’s caller ID. 

It’s a robocall that claims to be from Amazon’s fraud unit. There’s a fraudulent charge for $999 that was placed in Baltimore.  Before Harry has a chance to respond to the prompt, he’s connected to a scam call center, most likely, overseas.

The call sounds convincing until the caller asks potential victims to download an app. They claim the download will help them remove the charge, but what the scammer really want is to gain remote control of your computer and everything on it.

In this call, the scammer asks Harry to type in, which is a legitimate software company based in Germany.  Better Call Harry spoke with Brand and Communications Director Felix Mann.

“What I think is always true and I think is important for your viewers to remember is that scammers always pretend to be from an organization you know – Amazon, Apple, the IRS.  It’s always a name that sounds familiar,” Mann says.

AnyDesk markets itself to I.T. departments to help them resolve computer issue with employees working from home, but scammers are using its platform and other remote access websites as a way to steal a victim’s money.

The site has a pop up warning users never give remote access to someone you don’t know, but Mann says, the problem…

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