May 26, 2022

MADISON (WKOW) — Spring break trips are here and summer vacations are around the corner, but tourists are often easy targets for scammers.

The Better Business Bureau wants travelers to be aware of the potential cons they could run across at hotels that could complicate their stay.

Before you even leave, watch where you book. Scammers often create fake websites for online hotel reservations. It’s a way for them to get your personal information and steal your identity. Be wary about which website you’re using to book your hotel stay.

When you get to the hotel, you’re going to want to take advantage of all the amenities, including WiFi. One way scammers are trying to get personal information is by creating a free WiFi network. It will pop up as a hotspot and it can be very tempting for travelers who don’t want to pay a fee to use the internet.

“If you come down to the lobby and there’s an open WiFi connection, be very wary of it,” said BBB spokesperson Tiffany Schultz. “There are scammers who put wireless devices on Wi Fi in the area.”

The con artists can then control the connection through their computer, and collect the data that you are transmitting: websites, passwords, and credit card information.

A common scam involves fake restaurant menus. Scammers will distribute those to rooms and then when you call to order food, they’ll collect your…

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