March 28, 2024

This is truly disgusting. The Southbury Volunteer Fire Department has sent out a warning via their social media page about criminals who may be attempting to scam the public, utilizing texts which promote a “Southbury Volunteer Firemen’s Association Limited Edition” T-shirt that doesn’t exist.

I think we’re all numb to the hundreds of “Car Warranty Extension” phone calls that we’ve received over the past couple of years. When will they end? Honestly, I don’t even bother answering any phone call on my cell anymore, straight to voicemail. So, the scammers have adapted, and they’re trying another targeted technique. I first noticed this type of texting scam last year, when I received this one –

Photo by Large “Pearl Jam Rule” Dave

It seems to me that these criminals have data-mined your info on your social media, and then they target you based on a group, band, organization, or activity that you have liked. As far as I can tell, someone hacked the Pearl Jam Ten Club database, and then used user info to try and bilk us out of our payment info, or install malware on your phone.

Right now, someone is text-phishing supporters of the Southbury Volunteer Fire Department.

Southbury Fire Department via Facebook

A criminal is trying to prey on your support of an organization that keeps your family safe. Such unconscionable behavior. Please don’t fall for it. A legitimate organization or business would never blind-text you with the caveat of “Only Avail For Some Days”, originating from a…

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