March 27, 2024


SCAM PAC, PPP FRAUDSTER SENTENCED: The operator of a pair of scam PACs that bilked more than 2,000 unwitting donors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars was sentenced to 46 months in prison on Monday for a series of fraudulent schemes that included running the PACs and pocketing over $1 million in fake Paycheck Protection Program loans.

James Kyle Bell of Las Vegas pleaded guilty to wire fraud in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia earlier this year, and in a sentencing hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney John Borchert said Bell’s case was the first scam PAC case to make it to the sentencing phase in the district — though he added that it almost certainly won’t be the last.

— Bell admitted to operating the super PAC called the Keep America Great Committee, which purported to support then-President Donald Trump, as well as the Best Days Lie Ahead Committee, which appeared to support Joe Biden, and brought in at least $346,000 in total, according to prosecutors, which Bell then pocketed.

— He also received money through the PPP program created to help small businesses weather the Covid-19 pandemic, submitting false applications for shell companies called Echo Three, Myson Rules, Red Five and Bella Thread. Bell submitted a false application for a fifth shell company but withdrew it before receiving money, prosecutors said….

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