March 29, 2024
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Who is Safestone Financial?

Safestone Financial isn’t a lender. They appear to be a lead generator primarily selling to debt settlement companies.

Have you received a pre-approved offer from Safestone?

Did your pre-approved offer include a confirmation number and a website address with your name at the end (

Did your pre-approved offer state: “Your pre-approved for up to $75,000 at a fixed rare as low as 6%

Did your pre-approved offer show your interest rate being reduced from 21% to 6% APR? Did your pre-approved offer show your new monthly payment being reduced from $1720 to $811?

Did your pre-approved offer show you savings of $27,079 in total interest and $909/month?

Seems a little good to be true?

And off you go looking for reviews. 

Is Safestone Financial Legit or a Scam? awarded Safestone Financial a 2-star rating (data collected and updated as of January 3, 2022). We hope the information below will help you make an educated decision on whether to do business with then company.

  • Safestone Financial is not a lender.
  • It appears that Safestone is operating a typical bait and switch scheme – but not for themselves – for their lead buyers. They lure you in by sending you direct mail with a offering a ridiculous 6% interest rate to consolidate your high-interest credit card debt.
  • Safestone doesn’t tell you that you need…

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