May 26, 2022

Australia’s former most wanted fugitive Graham Potter says he’s been “living life” and “avoiding being killed” for the past 12 years as officers prepare to escort him back to Victoria from his Queensland hiding place.

Flanked by senior officers from Victoria Police’s fugitive task force due to his history of escaping authorities, the 64-year-old was ushered through Cairns airport on Wednesday bound for Victoria, two days after he was arrested in far north Queensland.

Mr Potter in custody at Cairns Airport.Credit:Nine News

There, grinning as he walked through the regional airport in handcuffs, he was asked what he’d been doing all this time on the run.

“Living life” and “avoiding being killed” he replied before stating: “You’ll appreciate I can’t talk to you. I’d like to but I can’t at this stage”.

For the past 12 years, police have released wanted photographs of Mr Potter appearing clean-shaven, with pale skin, combed hair and glasses.


On Wednesday, as he prepared to leave the sunshine state flanked by police, the now 64-year-old sported a bushy beard, grey hair pulled back in a ponytail, and a weathered complexion.

Mr Potter had avoided capture since 2010 after fleeing Victoria on the eve of a Melbourne Magistrates Court hearing where he was due to face charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

On Monday morning when he was arrested at a home in Ravenshoe, about 120 kilometres south of Cairns.

The following morning Victoria Police…

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