March 25, 2024

On October 4, 2021 at 10:54 AM, the Lower Allen Township Police Department received a report of a possible construction scam.  Daniel Russell with “Why Not? Construction and Repairs” was contracted to replace a door at a resident’s home.  The resident paid $530 by check on September 7, 2021 covering materials and “a down payment.”  Russell requested the check be payable to Penny Conrad (who had accompanied Russell to the residence).  On September 8, 2021, the check was signed over by Penny Conrad to another female and cleared the victim’s account.  
The victim had repeatedly attempted to schedule the work with Russell over the next three weeks and each time these appointments were cancelled and rescheduled by Russell.  Eventually, she asked that Russell bring the materials and refund her down payment.  Russell initially agreed to this, but again would not show up or cancel their arrangement. The victim then asked that she be refunded the full amount and Russell could keep the material.  Russell again agreed, but has not shown up and will not take or return her calls.
Officers contacted Russell and he acknowledged that there had been “scheduling issues,” but he eventually agreed to fully refund the victim by October 8, 2021. Russell has not refunded the victim and is no longer taking calls from the officer. Charges filed on Russell.

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