May 26, 2022

Royal Mail are being forced to warn their customer over a new scam that could see £60 disappearing from your account every month.

According to consumer campaigners Which?, yet another delivery scam is doing the rounds which sees fraudsters creating fake chatbots that means victims unwilling sign up to expensive monthly subscriptions.

It’ll start with a phishing email that will invite the victim to ‘start a chat’ in order to be able to trace an impending delivery, according to Which? The fake chatbot, pretending to be Royal Mail, will list a delivery tracking number as well as an image of a parcel, Berkshire Live explains.

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It will tell customers that the label on the package was damaged and convince you to reschedule the delivery by following a link. However, clicking through on this link actually takes victims to a different website, which will ask for their name, address and payment details.

In the small print, almost unnoticeable, is that by supplying your details, you are automatically entered into a ‘Skill Game’ and also purchases a a three-day trial to costing £2 then £59 every 30 days. Which? says the form has also switched to promoting a different website – called – costing £62 every 30 days. told Which? that the Royal Mail scam is an unscrupulous activity conducted by an ‘affiliate’ – a company that joined its marketing…

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