April 3, 2024

Renter receives ‘creepy’ letter from a stranger listing all the areas of her house to improve (including windows that can’t be seen from the road) – before asking for $20 for his ‘advice’

  • A renter received a ‘creepy’ letter detailing how to improve her rental property 
  • The handwritten letter outlined five ‘ideas’ and asked for $20 as a thank you 
  • The points included replacing gutters and painting walls and fences
  • Jana, from Sydney, claims the person entered the property without permission 
  • After sharing an image of the letter online, others dubbed it as a ‘scam’  

A tenant has been left feeling uncomfortable in her rental property after receiving a ‘creepy’ handwritten letter detailing how to improve the look of the home’s exterior.

Jana, from the Sydney suburb of Ryde, shared an image of the in-depth letter that outlined five ‘ideas’ – including replacing gutters, painting over the sandstone veranda and establishing a new ‘colour theme’.

While Jana admitted the ‘less-than-new’ rental needs to be renovated, she claims the letter included notes on how to improve areas that can only be seen after entering the premises.

‘The notes make it clear this person has entered the…

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