October 22, 2022

RBI warns against phishing links, vishing calls, messages, emails and online scams

New Delhi: There has been a surge in the usage of digital modes of payment in recent times. This gained further momentum during the Covid-19 induced lockdowns. However, as the speed and ease of doing financial transactions have improved, the number of frauds reported in retail financial transactions has also gone up.

Fraudsters have been using innovative methods to defraud the common and gullible people of their hard-earned money, especially the new entrants in the use of digital platforms who are not entirely familiar with the techno financial eco-system.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released a booklet titled “BE(A)WARE – Be Aware and Beware!” to raise awareness about fraudulent transactions. Here is how you can safeguard yourself in such situations-

Phishing links

• Do not click on unknown / unverified links and immediately delete such SMS / email sent by the unknown sender to avoid accessing them by mistake in future.

• Unsubscribe the mails providing links to a bank/e-commerce / search engine website and block the sender’s e-mail ID, before deleting such emails.

• Always go to the official website of your bank/service provider. Carefully verify the website details, especially where it requires entering financial credentials. Check for the secure sign (HTTPS with a padlock symbol) on the website before entering secure credentials.

• Check URLs and domain names received in…

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