May 26, 2022

QNET, a leading multinational e-commerce based direct selling company, is finalizing plans to roll out a 360-degree marketing and advertising campaign across the sub-Saharan Africa region, to educate the public about its business and highlight the red flags associated with a scam. The campaign will make its debut with a launch in Ghana in late March.

Named the Mama Campaign, the messaging targets the general public, the media, and the government stakeholders. The multi-channel campaign will be disseminated through radio, television, social media, print media and Out-of-Home advertising (billboards). The concept of the Campaign is inspired by the quintessential African mother who frowns upon bad behaviour while guiding and correcting with the right information and values.

QNET, for more than 23 years, has been successful in developing unique products and services to meet the evolving needs of its customers across the world. Each year, more people buy QNET products and sign up for the company’s direct selling business as independent representatives (IRs). Thousands of young Africans have found their entrepreneurial passion through QNET and transformed their lives for the better. The company’s direct selling business model allows existing customers who have enjoyed QNET’s products to market them by registering as Independent Representatives (IRs) and promoting these products to earn commissions on successful sales.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of understanding of…

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