March 26, 2024

Always remember to read the fine print before you do anything!

Picture this, you receive a letter in the mail from Publishers Clearing House and after you open and read it, it states that you won a Publishers Clearing House grand prize! Most of us would start jumping up and down screaming, “I’m RICH!!!” Not so fast!

The New York State Police at Troop F in Middletown has just released information on Facebook that they have been made aware of a new scam that has happened in the Hudson Valley and they are hoping that by getting the word out nobody else will fall for the same scam.

New York State Police/Facebook

New York State Police/Facebook

Here’s the Scam

An Orange Country resident reported to the State Police barrack in Middletown that they received a letter in the mail that they believed was from Publishers Clearing House. After opening the letter and reading it, they noticed that there was a check made out to them attached to the letter. The letter instructed them to call a specific phone number to claim their $750,000 prize.

Once he called the number, he was instructed to deposit the check into his bank account and send a money order in the amount of $7,700 to an address they provided. Police have confirmed that these types of checks are fraudulent and are hoping that releasing the actual letter that was received, will prevent anyone else from falling for this type of scam. These types of scams are frequently targeted at the elderly and vulnerable according to police.

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