March 28, 2024

When the clock turned to welcome 2021, hopes were high. Yet the pandemic raged on and we also had to deal with the continuing supply chain squeeze, which exacerbated the year’s many economic rollercoasters.

Whenever disaster strikes, scammers crawl out of the woodwork, turning the latest headlines into money-making schemes. Government agencies always make a popular target for scammers. Tap or click for a phony IRS email making the rounds in the past couple months.

Throughout it all, the Komando team has warned you about the many threats to your privacy and security. We made sure nasty new scamming techniques didn’t take you by surprise. During this year’s craziness, you may have missed some of our most helpful hints, so here’s a list of 2021’s top privacy and security tips.

1. Stop Google from secretly tracking you from place to place

You may not have heard of Significant Locations, but it knows all about you. This iPhone feature is the reason why you automatically get directions to work when you get in your car.

It exists so your phone can learn which places are significant to you so it can personalize its services. This improves Photo Memories and predictive traffic routing, which can be helpful. But if you value your privacy, it’s time to turn it off.

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