May 26, 2022

New POSB Email Phishing Scam Promises Cash Reward Or Air Miles

It seems like a new scams emerges almost every day in Singapore, especially those linked to banks.

The dust had barely settled on the OCBC bank scam earlier this year when DBS Bank reported an SMS phishing scam targeting its customers.

A month after that, POSB customers have again been targeted by a scam, this time over email.


It tells recipients to click on a link to take a survey, but the email isn’t legitimate, the bank warned.

Beware of phishing email

DBS alerted the public about the latest scam in a Facebook post on Friday (25 Feb), warning of a phishing email.


The email contains a clickable link to a “POSB-PAssion Rewards 2022!” survey, and promises a possible cash reward upon completion of this “survey”.

This is not a legitimate email from POSB, the bank said.

Comes from non-DBS/POSB email address

The phishing email, which was seen by MS News, was from a sender named “PAssion POSB”, probably aiming to make recipients think it had something to do with the PAssion Card.

It also had the vague subject “Congratulations! Customer Satisfaction Survey”.

Screenshot of the phishing email

However, one telltale sign that all is not right was that the email address of the sender had nothing to do with DBS/POSB.

Instead, it had the “.jp” domain assigned to Japanese websites.


While the content of the email even had the PAssion Card logo, it was riddled with grammatical…

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