April 3, 2024

The East Algoma Ontario Provincial Police is highlighting some recent scams to keep residents up to date on the ways fraudsters are trying to steal their money.

“If you receive any unsolicited communication by any means asking for money to be given or that you won money, be cautious and suspicious,” the OPP said in a news release.

“Never give out any personal, credit or banking information to anyone over the phone, by letter, email, fax or any other means of communication. Never provide anyone your social insurance number over the phone.”

Scammers usually try to create a crisis atmosphere, police said, to try and pressure victims into complying on the spot.

Some current examples include:

– Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) scam: The CBSA is warning the public about ongoing email, text messages or telephone scams in which people posing as officials from the CBSA are asking for personal information, including SIN. The methods used by the scammers are varied, but always designed to lure the public into providing personal information. Telephone calls may display numbers and employee names that appear to be from the CBSA. Emails may contain CBSA logos, email addresses or employee names and titles to mislead the readers. It is important to note that the CBSA never initiates a request for SIN and credit card number by telephone or email. If an individual receives a telephone call or an email asking for this information, or requesting payments from…

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