March 30, 2024

On this week’s Pixels & Ink Podcast: Chris, Dayna and Jordan is down to talk about Nintendo’s surprise Indie Showcase and some of the games that got announced—Jordan is really excited for the spiritual prequel to The Messenger: Sea of Stars but was mostly disappointed that Hollow Knight: Silksong didn’t get a release date.

The gang moves on to talk about Ubisoft’s brilliant move into the NFT-sphere and how it is no way a shady, planet-destroying, short-term Ponzi Scheme that is very on-brand for Ubisoft. Continuing the Ubisoft talk: Chris, Jordan, and Dayna talk a little about the announcement of a Splinter Cell “remaster,” and that devolves quickly—Jordan isn’t very impressed with the idea and for good reason.

Afterwards, the gang talks a bit about CD Projekt Red settling its investor lawsuit for $1.85 million, and the continued tragedy that is Cyberpunk 2077. On a cheerier note, the gang gets into the holiday spirit to talk about Fortnite’s Winterfest update, and all the fun presents to be had within! They also talk a bit more about the new season and some of the more interesting game mechanics.

In the review section, Chris talks a bit about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and his experience starting fresh in Square’s acclaimed MMO. Dayna talks a bit about her experience seeing Matrix Resurrections, and Jordan talks a bit about his experience going to San Francisco to play GTFO.

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