May 26, 2022

What do you do if you’ve never sold on eBay, but the company issues a Form 1099-K in your name? That’s what someone asked on the eBay discussion boards on Sunday, who was soon joined by others in the same situation.

“Yesterday I received a 1099-k form from eBay, the only problem is I have never sold any items on eBay,” the buyer wrote. “On the form it says for both the month of June and July of 2021 it says the gross amount of payment/third party network transactions was $822.48. Again I have never sold nor listed anything for sale on eBay before. I checked my transactions for those two months and I made four purchases that totaled $360. So I am not sure why I am getting this form. Is this a scam?”

After other posters asked for more information, the buyer said the “PAYEE’S TIN” field and Seller ID (in the “Account number” field) did not match their information.

Another poster who joined the discussion said it had also happened to them. “This happened to me today! I do not have an eBay account and have never sold anything and it says all the transactions happened in September. It’s my name and actually an old address, but not last 4 of social or account name. Did you get a reply from eBay?”

A third poster created an eBay account just to post on the thread, reporting that they received a 1099-K after never having sold or bought on the site – and again, the Payee’s TIN did not match their social security number. “An account number is shown, but I was not aware of even having…

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