March 27, 2024

A warning has been issued over a WhatsApp scam that attempts to impersonate family members in a bid to steal money.

North Wales Police Cyber Crime Team said a number of people have reported the scam recently.

How the scam works:

The fraudster sends a message on WhatsApp claiming to be a family member or friend.

The message may appear to come from an unknown number or from the ‘correct’ number, if a phone number has been spoofed or a Whatsapp account hacked.

If the message is from an unknown number, the fraudster – posing as the family member or friend – will claim that there has been an emergency or accident, and they are having to use a different phone.

The fraudster will then ask for money to pay an urgent bill or help them out of a financial difficulty, and provide account details of where to send the money to. They often try to deter you from calling, such as having poor signal.

The fraudster exploits the apparent relationship with the victim, as well as applies significant pressure, to make the victim act quickly and not question the request.

North Wales Police, Cyber Crime Officer, Dewi Owen said: “A number of people are still reporting that they are receiving the below type of scam message, mainly through WhatsApp across North Wales.”

“Dad I’ve changed my mobile number today.”

Followed by “I’m locked out of bank account due to the…

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