March 27, 2024

Having no plan, or pressure, or obligation to make new year’s resolutions is the type of liberation that can only be dwarfed by religious liberation. Or political. It has been about 20 years since I last made a new year’s resolution. I am recently liberated from religion and politics as well, and what I have been experiencing from these deliverances is peace surpassing understanding. You should try it.  

Before the various emancipations, I would have insisted that I am not a judgmental character, that I am passive towards people who make set-up-for-imminent-failure new year’s resolutions, and in deed towards people who subscribe to the two biggest world parties, religious and political (I cannot help juxtaposing those two – such twinnies), but because as I grow older, I find small lies quite daunting, I admit to brutally judging all the above.

How is one expected not to judge people who like failing, because that is what people who make new year’s resolutions do? The same way with people who promise not to sin, or promise to support certain politicians through thick and thin?

But I digress. This was supposed to be strictly about new year resolutions. I checked online for the top five new year resolutions. They are boringly predictable; Eat healthier. Get more exercise. Save money. Focus on self-care. Read more. Why does anybody need a new year to eat healthier, or do all the above? Isn’t this just another way of procrastinating? A way of letting oneself…

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