March 26, 2024

After being accused of ceaselessly peddling fake news, NDTV has now been accused of luring its viewers into giving up their jobs and enlisting themselves into trading cryptocurrency, a virtual currency system that many analysts consider to be a more sophisticated version of Ponzi schemes.

NDTV, in its recent production “Coffee and Crypto”, a show in partnership with one of the popular cryptocurrency trade exchanges CoinSwitch, promoted the virtual currency system and urged its viewers to invest in the same by highlighting the story of one crypto trader whom the channel claimed had earned windfall gains through trading in cryptos.

A clip of the show was shared on NDTV’s official Twitter account on December 24. In the video, the host of the show Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor goes on to rave about how a cryptocurrency trader, who goes by Twitter handle @MsCryptomom1 went on to make outsize earnings after leaving her job and entering into virtual currency trading full-time.

“Would you quit your job to get into crypto full-time?” Well, Brenda Gentry, (@MsCryptomom1), AKA “Cryptomom”, did just that—and now she makes up to $80,000 a month!” the NDTV tweet said along with the snippet from the show where Kapoor interviewed the said cryptocurrency trader.

Source: Twitter

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