July 3, 2023

“Someone using my name, my name will be tarnished in a way,” the 42-year-old told CNA.

“What surprised me is that joker even had my name card. I never post my name card anywhere, except when I give it out. Nowadays, I seldom give out my name card – and not many ask for name cards too.”

The scam has also affected his daily life as it is “a bit troublesome to entertain” the enquiries from the scam listings – though he added that it “is a must” to do so.

He said that the enquiries mostly came from a fake listing on marketplace platform Carousell, and other smaller property listing sites.

Still, Mr Wee is taking the incident in his stride. “That’s life, we just move on. I just hope this episode can clear (up).”


Another agent, who declined to be named, said he found out he had been impersonated when two victims contacted him last Friday.

“I saw the news that came out last week, so I was not surprised,” he told CNA.

But the agent, who has not been actively promoting his services, nor made a transaction in recent years, said: “I think, probably, they chose any agent and just did it.”

A third agent who was targeted said: “They probably want to choose a non-active agent … If not, people can verify (their details more easily).”

The agent, who only wanted to be known as Mr Goh, said his company was the one who told him he had been impersonated.

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