March 25, 2024

A SCOTTISH woman who was conned in an international cryptocurrency scam has announced she is spearheading a class action lawsuit to recover money for victims.

Jen McAdam, who is to be played by Kate Winslet in a new Hollywood movie, lost around £9,000 to the OneCoin Ponzi scheme which has defrauded up to £4 billion from people around the world.


Jen McAdam is spearheading the lawsuit against her scammersCredit: Twitter

She also persuaded family and friends to put in around £220,000, before realising they were not going to get the money back.

The 51-year-old, from Glasgow, has since become a campaigner for justice for investors who lost money and runs a support group for them.

She is now encouraging others to join the ‘OneCoin Victim Support Law and Asset Recovery Lawsuit’ which was officially launched earlier this month.

Miss McAdam has instructed lawyers and an asset recovery firm to investigate the Onecoin scheme and attempt to recoup money lost by its investors.

She said: “This is an amazing law and asset recovery opportunity that we have been focusing on for six years now.

“We now have in place a law and asset recovery team that are first class in their industry.

“They will be representing those who are interested in applying and joining the law and asset recovery lawsuit.

“Personally I am so thankful and grateful that we have such a wonderful law and asset recovery team by our side as we move forward for justice.

“I will be sharing Zoom meeting details in the…

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