August 10, 2022

Only 4% of IT decision-makers in Singapore are able to correctly identify phishing SMS and email messages. Despite the apparent lack of judgement, 47% remain unconcerned about the risk of phishing attacks to their organisation. 

Some 32% of these IT leaders tapped their work phones for personal activities, higher than 18% of employees who did likewise, according to a study commissioned by KnowBe4, which provides security awareness training. Its chief hacking officer and reformed hacker Kevin Mitnick designed the US vendor’s training modules.

The study further found that 53% of IT decision-makers in Singapore were concerned about phishing as a risk to their organisation, while 40% expressed similar concerns about business email compromise attacks. Conducted last December by YouGov, the online survey polled 200 IT decision-makers and 1,012 employees in the city-state. 

A further 36% of IT decision-makers used their work email for personal activities, compared to 29% of office workers. 

In addition, 51% of IT leaders expressed confidence they would the steps they had to take following a cybersecurity incident or data breach in their organisation. 

And while 54% believed employees in their organisation understood the business impact of cybersecurity breach, 43% felt confident their staff could identify phishing and business email…

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